Thursday, May 20, 2010

Stupid In Love. Part 15.

Part 15! :) Just for my loves! I hope you like it!:* It's not long, but it's the best I can do!


As I stood there, I felt something.. Something firm and strong make its way up.. Made its way up the side of my body, up my shirt.. It was Na9er’s hand..

He had his lips on mine, an arm around my waist, and a hand moving up my shirt. You know when you watch a movie? And it gets to a steamy part? And then the guy has his arm around her and his hand going up her shirt feeling every curve of her body and all that? Yeah.. That was it..

I quickly pulled away and moved his hand away from my body. I looked at him and he smiled, the naughty boy smile, the one that’s like I want you, that kind of smile..

Oh my God, that boy drove me wild in every way; from the way he talked, to the way he used to make fun of me. But because it was the reckless, carefree kind of thing that you only read in books, it was all good. I never thought I’d meet a guy like him, not once in my life; all I knew is what I read from blogs, and story books, and I was hoping one day I’d look around and I’ll find that story book love, and then, Na9er came along.. And I thought I found the story I want to live.

When he smiled, I looked at him, then slowly pulled my lips into a familiar smile.. One that had a story of a girl wanting to show the one she wants what he’d want and need, but wouldn’t.. A smile that teased him..

I know I know, I’m not an innocent angel. Sometimes teasing him makes me get what I want.

I giggled to myself, and he smiled at my giggles.

“Rikbay” he told me

“Arkab wain?” I asked acting stupid

“Elsayara, ba3ad wain?” he told me

“I’m not getting in” I said firmly

“ya3nii tabeen a7ed yishoufna chithii? 3adii?” he teased

“Ma7ed ra7 yishoufna, we’re kinda in a deserted place” I said

“Kaifich” he said and I smiled

I stood there and looked at him..

I finally got him..

Na9er is now mine..

All the tears I cried, everything I went through..

It was all worth it..

The boy is mine.

The BOY is MINE.

After the couple minutes of quiet, he broke the ice in a silly way, thinking of it now, I can’t help but laugh

“You can’t kiss” he laughed

I kicked him.

Yeah, I KICKED him!

“Akeed I can’t kiss! I don’t know how! Forgot you’re my first?!” I retorted

“Hahaha, yeah” he laughed

I said something that sounded so stupid!

“bes I know how to kiss!” I yelled

He laughed

“You kicked me, and told me you know how to kiss, now you kiss me, I kissed you, this time you kiss me, lets see what you can do” he teased

“I wont”

“You kicked me! You said you know how! I wanna see!” he snickered

“Mabii” I blushed

He laughed and just looked at me

He looked at me in a way I don’t know how to describe, something like, if could devour me, taste every flavor of my lips, my neck, and feel every curve of my body, he’d do so..

So I took a step back..

We were quiet for a bit..

He looked at the clock in his car..

“It’s getting late.. I think I should go, and you should go in, I don’t want your mother to call you wintay mu emsawya shay,” he ridiculed

“Yeah,” I laughed, “I better go..” I said

even though every emotion in me wanted me to turn around, kiss him so hard and then run across the street, where he can’t come after me..

“Deeray balich” he told me

“Kaaay!” I yelled and walked away

Ay deeray balich? A car almost ran me over, because I was staring at my phone, I was calling 3anoud, calling Jawa, trying to tell them what happened.

He was probably still standing there, watching me, I felt my body heat up, my neck burned and I felt beads of sweat forming. I kept walking like nothing happened. Then, I almost tripped over my own feet. Someone hit me with something!!!!!!!

I filled them in with everything, 3anoud’s reaction was,

“Now I want to have my first kiss!” she yelled and I laughed in response

The next hour or so was a hard core work out, feeling great, I was happy, I was smiling like a maniac, I was listening to up beat songs, I was over the moon..

It was pure, no strings attached joy.

I went home, packed up, and I was off to chalet.. It was time to see how the distance would do us both..

The distance..




There you go!;) Part 15:) Not as long as part 14, but I’m really busy with school and everything:(

I’ll try posting a new post soon just for you guys!:*

I love you!

And good luck to you all with your finals! I know it’s hectic, but we’re almost done with this year baby!;)

Keep doing what you do best! Again, I love you!



  1. laa nabee longer !

    good luck on your exams and all:*

  2. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa it's like a birthday treat!! ;***

  3. Queen Of my hooooood! Etkhayilaayy! I wanted to comment since forever! Bs laptop oboi allah yhadaaah mu rathyyy :(!

    Any way,, what I wanted to say is that I'm soooo proud of you ennich ma dashaitay his car! Wallah it's very brave of you;** o sorryy 7abeebtyy ma garait hal post wallah I have no time, I'm studying for the finals! Bs I promise you I'll read whatever I miss after I'm done!

    Love yoouu! O sorry 3ala lig9oor;***

  4. Interesting story!;D

    Goodluck on ur finals :)

    Post soon(a)