Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hello x

Good morning my loves x

This isn't a story post, but actually it's a little consultation to you.
I've been looking at the Wordpress blogs and I really like them, but I've been wondering, should I switch to Wordpress or stay on Blogspot.

Blogspot will ALWAYS be my start, the reason you all know and read my stories, it's like my first agent, but maybe it's time for a change..

So, I was wondering, if I switch to Wordpress, would you still read? Or should I stay here?
I have another idea, but I'm not sure about it yet though;p Which is to post in both, on Blogspot, and on Wordpress. There won't be any change in the stories, they'll be exactly the same, but they sure will look different.

The ones on Wordpress might have pictures and those things while the ones on Blogspot might not.

So you decide what you would like, whatever fits your needs and desires best, is perfect with me. :)

Have a good day my angels! And don't forget, you can find me on here, on my email (queenofmyhood@hotmail.com), or on Twitter.

I hope you're all doing well;
Allah e7afithkum x
I love you all xx