Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Stupid In Love. Part 16.

My loves! I'm sorry for taking so long, but I've been really busy! I'm sorry my darlings! I'll try to finish the story before I leave for the summer, because I won't be posting anything while I'm away:( I'm sorry.
But here's part 16 :) I hope you enjoy it!


Well the distance.. I'll tell you what it did to us.. This is what happened..

After I went home and packed up, I left with my parents.. And the whole ride there, I had my iPod on, and my headphones in my ear, listening to music that reminded me of him, songs that had me smile at the thought of his lips on mine..
It was like I was in one of those romantic movies, we'd be driving, I'd be staring out the window, quietly singing along to the songs, smiling, with the boy I'm in love with running around in my head.. If it was real, and he really was running around, I think he'd be knocked out cold right now! But that doesn't matter.. What matters is that I had him, he was mine.. No one could take him away, not as long as I'm alive, not as long as we BOTH chose to be with each other.

The minute we got to the chalet, I smiled, and it was like a weight was lifted off my heart.. Like you were being cramped under a boulder, where you can't breathe or move, but someone just came and took it off of your chest, that's how it was like with me, the chalet, and the beach.. It was my escape, whenever I needed a place to run to, I'd hold it all in, just to that special moment where I know I'd be there and everything will be erased, where I can think of a solution to all my worries..

I went up to my room and dropped all my stuff, I took my iPhone, my headphones, my phone, and I left;
"Mama ana 6al3a atmasha" I yelled to my mother and I left

I walked around, looked at the captivating moonlight shine across over the big dark gulf.. I wondered, how would it be like if I had Na9er with me? What would he do? Would he hold me in his arms, and kiss me? Would he stare at me? What would he do? But I guess that's something I won't know, right?

I sent Na9er a message, telling him I got there, ta7amadlii bil salama, and told me that he's with friends, he'll talk to me later hopefully. I told him it was fine, and we'll talk soon.. I was too drained to stay up honestly, so I walked around a bit, listening to music that soothed and fed my soul, fed it with every nutrient it needed, love, hope, faith, strength, everything! You name it, it fed me! An hour or so after walking around, I called it a night.. I sent him a message telling him I was drained, and I'm going to bed, he told me it was okay, and he bid his goodnight and I left..

Tomorrow's a new day.. Another chance to life, to either make it better, or, well.. Dwell on the bad shit you did in the past.. But hey, make it better, because nothing is worth it!;)

I woke up the next morning to my cousin shaking me..
"Maisa? Mayous! Goumay!" Layal said
"Hmm? Sh9ayir?!" I woke up
"Mu 9ayir shay, bes yallah goumay!" she giggled
"Mmmzain!" I said and got out of my bed, "ni6ray! ya wailich enmishaytay!" I told her
"Hehe okay" she said

I went to the bathroom and got cleaned up, I brushed my teeth, washed my face and got dressed. I wore my GAP hoodie with tights and my UGG boots, I pulled my hair into a bun, and that was it for me.
"Yallah?" I asked
"Yallah!" She smiled
"Tarayagtay?" I asked her
"La2, yait aga3dich 3ashan enrou7 nitrayag.. Etrou7een Cafe 26? We'll get something from there.." She said
"Yeah, sure, ma3indii mani3, bes khan nis2el awal.." I told her
"Ee, si2lay, omii matgoul shay madamii wiyach" she said
and it was true, murt 3amii matgoul shay as long as Layal was with me, see I'm the goody-too-shoes in the family, so I was trusted really well..
I asked my mother and she said we can go; so we headed for breakfast at a cafe.. how exciting with us ashkalna chithii!;p

While we ate, I told her about Na9er.. I told her everything.. She beamed, she saw in him everything I saw.. She liked him.. She was like my little sister, since she had no sisters, she'd run to me when something happened. Sure, sometimes we get too wrapped up in our own worlds, but once we reconnect, we're inseparable..

We headed back to the chalet and Na9er sent me a message;
"Gm;*" he said
"Morning honey;*" I replied

"I feel like driving.." I looked at Layal with a mischief in my eyes
"DRIVE!" She grinned
the point of the driving is to go crazy together

I ran to my mother and nagged her to let me drive my fathers car, and since my father was out of the country oo tabii il fakka minii, she said okay;p
We got into the car, blasted the stereo, and drove around dancing and singing; Layal kept taking pictures of me, every little move, she snapped it.

As I drove out of the gate, Layal's brother swung the gate forward, the next thing I knew..

I hear a screech..

a HUGE scratch on the car.. :)

Oh wow.. My father shall have my head!

I backed up, and drove to my mother. I told her what happened and she was as worried and scared of my father's reaction as I was!

I ran up the stairs to my room with Layal and locked the door. We sat on my bed and stared at each other, still in shock.. Did that really happen? We laughed out, but the kind that went haha then you stop, still reminiscing.

"Call Na9er! Tell him what happened, maybe he can help!" She told me
"Uhm, okay. I won't call, I'll send him a message." I told her
"Just do something!" She ushered
"Okay!" I said as I punched the four letter word - SHIT - into a new composed message.

"What?" was the reply I got
I told him what happened, and he called me laughing; can you believe it?! He's laughing at me.
"Na9er! Instead of laughing, help me?!" I yelled
"Shasawii?!" He laughed
"Madrii! Bes shagoul 7eg uboy when he asks!" I told him
"You can't say anything, you busted his car" I could feel him smile on the other side of the phone.
"Okay." I pouted, "I'll talk to you later okay?" I told him
"Okay" he told me

Me and Layal decided to take a walk.. We started on the beach, then made our way up to the garden. I was still scared of my fathers reaction.. So I was constantly in contact with him via messages...
I tucked my phone in my pocket, and when I pulled it back out, I found a missed call from him.
I wondered why he called.. So I called him back..

"Hala, you called?" I asked him
"No." He said, in a way that sounded as if he was annoyed
What the.....? I asked myself
"Um, I found a missed call from you.." I said calmly
"I didn't call." He said firmly.
"Um, okay then. I'll go, uh, bye..?" I said in a way that showed that I was dumbfounded
What he said next, still shocks me to this very day..


There you go! I hope you liked it :)

I love you all, enjoy your summer and stay safe!:*

Your feedback is appreciated! :)



  1. masmoo7aa fdaait 3yoonch ana
    whaat what did he say?? :O
    kelyooom kelyoom post ok?? :D
    enjoy ur summer too <3

    love ya :*

  2. welcome backkkkkk!;*
    waiting for the next post! please please post soooooooooooon!(A) tara its okay etha u posted twice a day(A)

  3. OHMYGOD!.
    what did he saaay? pleeease post soon babe
    I love your story, a lot!

    SERIOUSLY? I hate cliffhangers:(.
    O we've been waiting for so long.. Don't let us wait this time.. I can't hold my horses for too long tara:(..
    Anyways, I loved every single paragraph in this post.. It's like I've been there witnessing everything.
    If you stopped writing, I'd probably block 'blogspot.com' on my browser. I'm serious. I really love the way you write & describe everything. I love you.

    -S;* (You definitely know who I am;))
    Psttt; Say hi to your (f)riend.