Friday, June 25, 2010

Stupid In Love. Part 17 & 18.

I'll be out of here soon......
And if I get everything out perfectly, the story might end at part 20....
And hopefully, as soon as I get back, I might start another story... Lets see how well inspiration works with me while I'm gone, shall we? ;)

Each and everyone of you mean so much to me! Your support makes me so much stronger! Thank you! No matter how many times I say thank you, it won't be enough!
You don't know me, yet you're like my best friend! Living each moment with me, feeling what I'm feeling! I hope I give out as much emotion as I feel while writing these posts for you:*


Without further ado, here's part 17 of Stupid In Love. :)


"Yallah, thilfay. Bye" and he hung up.

Na9er said that to me.
Was I dreaming it.
What was going on?!
What did I miss?!
What did I do?!

There, I looked like someone slapped me. So hard, my eyes were bulging out. So hard, my jaw dropped open, so big, I could feel the grass bristles on my chin.

"Uhh.. Uhhh.." I said, looking at Layal
"Shfeech?!" She asked

She ran to me and sat on the ground in front of me. She looked up to my eyes and saw the shock. It was practically like electric volts shooting out.

"SHGAL!?" she yelled
"Gally.. Gally.." I stammered
"SHGAL! TA7ACHAY!" She shook me
"Gally.. Thilfay.." I said and looked her back in her big dark brown eyes
"You're kidding right?" she asked me
"No.." I said in a low voice
"Snap out of this and fight back!" She told me

I got up, took a deep breathe, and walked away..

"Maisa!" She yelled
"Wait, you just wait.." I said
"MAISA! RIDAY 3ALAY!" She screamed louder

I turned around and looked at her.
I pulled out my phone, and punched Jawa's number in, and within seconds she picked up;
"Hala ib 7abeebtii!" she said
"You won't believe what just happened." I said
"Ha? Shfeech? What the fuck happened now?!" She said, "Sar shay 9a7?! Embayin min 9outich! Spill!" She yelled
"Gally athlif" I smiled
"La la, you're kidding 9a7?" she said in shock too
"Nope. I'm being serious. Do I SOUND like I'm kidding?!" I yelled
"And what did you say!?" she asked
"I hung up! Shbagoul ya3nii?!" I said
"MAISA! This isn't you! Min mita etkhaleen a7ed eghali6 3alaich?! You call him back and kick his fucking ass! You get that?!" She told me
"La 7abeebtii, I'm not calling back. I'm texting him. He'll hear my voice and I'll be yelling and he'll just yell back. I know him." I told her
"Ya zift! Basawii shay! Akalmich ba3dain, let me handle this." I told her
"You leave him, you fucking leave him. You deserve someone so much better!" I yelled
"Oh I know that, I'm going to make me him want me like fuck. You just wait and see. Ma6la3 bint oboy etha makhalayta yit7asef." I said
"Good! Now that's my girl!" She clapped
"Yeah, okay. Akalmich ba3dain." I said and hung up.

I started to walk back to Layal with so much determination in me.
"Emshay il baranda" I told her

I guess she saw the anger and determination in my eyes that she feared to say a word. She just walked behind me, and followed me like a stray puppy to the baranda.

I sat down, and pulled out my phone.
"I'm going to show you." I said in between my teeth.

I started writing the message to Na9er;

"Thelfay ha? Okay Na9er. This is it, if you can't respect me, then don't call me, and don't message me anymore. I'm not here for you to be disrespectful to me. Ga3adt wela mishayt sar 3indy nafs elshay, bel a5a9 3ugb ma giltly thelfay. So, good luck, and goodbye;)"

and I clicked send.
I waited for it to send completely. When it did, I sat back, raised my legs to rest on the railings of the balcony, and breathed in the fresh salty breeze..

A second later, my phone starts vibrating, I look down.. I think you know who it is..

Na9er :)

I showed it to Layal, then counted to 5..

Deep breathe..

"Aloo." I said annoyed
"Are you serious about your message?" He asked me
"Yes. I'm serious. You called, ma shifta. I call you back tgouly rou7ay thilfay?! Wain ga3deen Na9er! Mani a9ghar 3yalik!" I yelled, I could feel the rage shaking him so hard, "oo ana kila ilee adig! It's like I'M running after you o inta matabii! That's it! Manii daga oo arkith warak oo akhrat'ha tgoulii hal 7achii!" I kept yelling

He was speechless..
Right then, my other phone started ringing and it was my mother.
"I have to go Na9er. When you know what you want, you know where to find me." I stated, and hung up.

My mother was just asking where we were, and asked us to go inside since it was getting kind of chilly.

We walked to my chalet, and collapsed on the sofa..

"Ufff!" Layal said
"Ta3abtay ha?" I smiled
"Eeeh! Wayid!" She laughed
"Mmm.. I want food" I said
"Me too!" She jumped
"Emshay, lets get il kakaw min il ma6ba5" I told her

We walked to the kitchen and got a hold of the food we bought, then went back and watched Charmed on MBC 4.

For 10 minutes, Na9er wasn't present in my mind.. :)
When I checked my phone again, oh wow.. A missed call.. :)
I showed it to Layal and laughed.

"Mu giltlich, he'll come running back?" I told her, then called him

"You called?" I asked
"Tawich tgouleen kila you call and I don't pick up, or I'm too busy to pick up o I only message you! Now who's not picking up!?" He yelled
"It was on silent oo shayla il vibrate! This is once! Inta kil mara!" I retorded
"You know what, don't call me." He said
"You don't want me to call you?!" I asked him almost bursting into laughter
"No, don't call me." he said again
"Okay, I won't call you." I laughed
"Okay. Bye." He said
"BYE." I said and hung up.

Okay. The dude had serious issues. Right?
3nad 3alaih, I turned off the phone :) Oh yes I did. He doesn't want me to call him, I will not fucking call him. I will not lose myself for him - even though I sorta kinda already did - but that's not what we're talking about right now.

I packed up my stuff, and that night, I'm heading home.
I'm gnna be strong.

----------------------------(Part 18)----------------------------

The drive home, was the complete opposite of the drive to chalet.
This drive, it was depressing songs. This time, it was anger that raged inside of me towards Na9er. How could he say something like that to me?! Ana al7een shsawait?! Out of the blue he tells me thelfay?! Inta ethlif!

I came home and made my way to my room, I flung my bag on my bed, and went to the bathroom to have a relaxing shower.. I need my alone time..

Half an hour of sitting under hot water, hugging my knees to my chest, just letting the water wash over me and take over my senses.. My eyes closed, and breathing so calmly..

My thoughts went back to the time when boys were nothing to us.. When boys to us girls were icky, and ugly. When we used to run from them just because we thought they had cooties. And now, almost every teenage girls' life revolves around a boy. And that boy, well, he'll probably just cause her heartbreak, pain, and give her a bunch of sleepless nights of her drowning her pillow with tears.

Why do we girls need boys? We don't need them, we're independent.. We're living in a period of time where women can hold their own! Then why ladies do we need men?! WHY!?

I keep asking myself that..
See, we'll never know the answer, but it's the simple law of attraction.. A man is always attracted to a woman, as a woman shall always be attracted to a man..

For the rest of the week, I've avoided calling him, messaging him, or even talking to him on MSN.
I'm standing my ground you jerk. Like I said, I'll make him regret it.

My girls stood by me, whenever I had this urge to call him, I'd call one of them up. And right then, they'd kill my urge to call him.
A week went by..

Saturday was the day he told me not to call him..

Sunday.. Nothing...

Monday.. Still nothing...

Tuesday.. I'm still waiting...

Wednesday.. I'm still waiting... I'm losing hope....

Thursday... I've lost hope... He's not gonna call me... I know it...

It was October 30th, 2009.
I don't know how I still remember the date. I think it was just that significant part of my life..
Me and 3anoud had a day planned to go shop for Halloween costumes. But unfortunately she couldn't make it. So I called up another friend and drove around the bright streets of Kuwait City trying to get a costume..
Before I headed out..
Something on the table started to shake..


Two posts in one! I know Part 18 isn't long, but I'll make it up to you all!:*
I love you all so much! I hope you liked it!:*


  1. HE CALLED?;o

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  2. yalla yalla aba post laykoon daglch?? or text? ena he missed u?? abadan ma3yabnii hal na9er -.-'

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