Monday, October 19, 2009


Hey y'all!
I know you're probably wonderings why I'm not posting any new posts, well it's cause, I honestly don't see any more support. NOTHING at all.
Wain il 6 to 7 comments on a post that I used to get?! al7een 2?! I know it's like 6ama3, bes la2 9ij, am I boring you!? If I am, tell me. Cause wallah, I have something new to post, &this might drag y'all in..
Fa tell me, itha akamil, I'll try posting soon, itha you want me to change, then new story coming up!

I love you ALL!!!!!!



  1. la2 la2 im loving ur story! im commenting! bess inty post 3ashan i comment!

  2. me 2 im reading oo i love your story!
    *silent reader*
    (but i wont be a silent reader anymore;)

  3. la khalsay min hathyy b3den start ily khubry khubrich ;)!

  4. laaa plzzz continue the story
    mashalla its amazing
    cant wait till the next post

  5. noooo i'm in love ur storyyy

    as u can see i'm a silent readerr but i always check for updates and enjoyy your lovelyy storyyyy

    keep them coming sweetiieeee

    and will try to comment if that makess uuu happyyy =D

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  7. la2!! pls pls continue!!pls*puppy eye*

  8. check out my blog

  9. Plzzzzzz continueee!;* i swear i constantly check for updates;D