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Knight In Shinning Armor - Part 8.

I hope this makes up for the short posts!<3


Faris was running around, working on a million things trying to get what he wanted done, everything was set, he just needed the last detail and he could go right ahead with his plans.

"Bashray! Shgalaw?" He asked through the phone
"Emwafqeen, bs elray rayha" his mother told him
"7ilfay yuma! Khaly emwafiq?! Wallah 9ij yuma?!" he raced through his words
His mother laughed, "ee 7abeeby, bs mithil ma geltlik, khalik ygoul elray rayha, itha ehya emwafqa, ratheen.." he could hear the smile on her face, it was like what they all thought was actually coming true..
"3asa Allah la ya7rimnii minich ya yuma! Wallah wanasteenii!" He thanked his mother
"Wela minik ya 7abeeby!" she smiled
"Khalas yuma! Ana barou7 akhale9 chem shaghla, enshallah akalmich ib agrab wagt!" he sped
"Deer balik 3ala nafsik ya wlidii!" she warned him
"Enshalllaaaah! Entay tamreen amur yal ghala kila!" he flirted
"Allah y3een bint khalek 3alayk!" His mother laughed
"ELA ALLAH Y3EENY 3ALAIHA!" His rejoined, "yallah yuma, ana basakir, meta ma walahtay digay!" He teased his mom
"Rou7 bs Frais!" She laughed
"Rayi7 rayiiii7!" He laughed back as he hung up

Faris was like that, he laughs and jokes with everyone, his mother, his aunts and uncles, its one of those things that makes a person a little more bearable, and what makes his presence that much of a joy, and not an annoyance.

Finally, he thought, he could get his plans in order! They can start as soon as possible!

He dialed Sarah's number on his phone, and waited impatiently for her to pick up

"Aloo" She said sounding kind of distracted
"Ya hala! Hala b7abeebat galbii! Hala bizaiiiiiin!" He flirted
She started giggling over the phone, "hala 7abeebyyy!" she replied, and he knew she was blushing as she said that
"Ya 7elu hal 9ouuuut, oo ya 7elu kelmat 7abeeby ley6la3at minech!" he flirted
"Farous! Sh6arii 3alaiiiik! Wayed ga3d tghazil!" she giggled
"Mn 7agyyy! 3endy elzain kila oo maghazil? Yanaiiiiit?" he asked her
She giggled through the phone uncontrollably
"7abeebty, 7ubi, 7ayaty" he called her
"Hala ru7ii" she told him
"Elyoum I want you to get dressed up, I've got a surprise for you.." he told her, his heart beating at a million beats a second
"Surprise shnu ba3ad? Faris tadry I don't like being surprised knowing there's a surprise, you'll just make me ditch the whole thing!" She warned him
"Laa! Don't ditch! We're going for dinner, but get dressed up baby, I wanna show my woman off!" He teased
"Show off to who yal khibil?!" She laughed
"The city of love my love!" He told her finishing it off with a long "mmm-mmm!"
"Maynoun! You're insane!" She laughed
"Ma7ad yanany ghayrich!" He confessed
"Okay! Asfa!" She laughed, "khalas, I'll get dressed up, cham elsa3a maw3idna?" She asked
"a vingt heures, ma belle" he told her in French
"D'accord ma cheri.." she told him in a soft, sweet loving voice
"3athabii entay!" he told her, "a7ibich.." he trailed off
"ana akthar 7abeeby.." she smiled to herself, "yallah, ana akhali9 mn ilee 3indii wily 3alay oo ashoufik ba3d shway"
"Khalas 3ayal 7abeebty, akhaleech ana, 7i6ay balich 3ala nafsich, tara mali ghayrich!" he told her
"Enshallah 7abeeby" she tantalized the strings of his heart

As she hung up, she wrapped her fingers around the little diamond necklace adoring the contours of her neck and collar bone, letting her mind drift away, she couldn't help but think of all the things she went through that brought her to where she is..

She smiled and plugged her headphones into her ear, as the crossing lights turned from red to green, Carrie Underwood's Lessons Learned started playing, she carefully took her steps, letting her gold sequined Louboutin pumps carry her gracefully.

She smiled while she heard the words that so perfectly explained her life,
"Every tear that had to fall from my eyes, everyday that I wonder how I get through the night, every change life has thrown me, I'm thankful for every break in my heart, I'm grateful for every scar.. Some pages turned, some bridges burned, but they were lessons learned.."

Enjoy!:* I promise to post soon!
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