Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sick and Tired.

I'm sick and tired of people always saying I'm "hot". Sure, sometimes it's nice. But for once, I want to be BEAUTIFUL. NOT hot.
I want someone to turn and look at me and go "wow, mashallah, she's beautiful/gorgeous/pretty". Not go "damn! She's hot!"
Hot to me is where someone just wants to bang you! I want someone to want to get to know me because my smile captivated him/her!

But.. That's just me.. Ladies, do you get that sometimes?
Also.. A reason for my venting here is because a male - I'll say male because he's some sort of an animal for even thinking what you're about to read - he said that he "feels" that I'm "a player". Excuse your stupid, low, mentality. I'm "hot", so I use that to play around? Seriously? I KNOW from experience a heart is NOT something you can fucking play with! Excuse my language.

So.. Do you, my sweet readers, people that know me so well, yet don't know me at all at the same time, do you have a say to what I just let go of to you?:(

I've been in such a crappy mood because of it! :(

Love always,

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