Thursday, June 23, 2011

My devoted readers;

To my devoted readers;
I'm very sorry to say that my laptop has OFFICIALLY died. I'm not sure if there is a laptop heaven, but I hope it's up there!

I'm going to have to post from either my phone, or my iPad.

So in that case, I'd like to take YOUR ideas, would you prefer if I post small posts about every week, for example post 8-A, or long posts that might take longer for me to post?

The decision is yours! I'm going to keep writing! There's no doubt about that! And yes, I AM BACK! And boy do I hope to keep pulling you in with some twist of events! But how I decide to do so is yet to be known..
So, small posts (Part 8-A/8-B) or long posts (takes longer to post).
Choose wisely!;P

- Q;*


  1. Small posts it would be hell bas at least we will get a little almost daily

  2. I'd prefer small posts every once in a while, wala na6rat il long posts!!:p