Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My Knight in Shinning Armor - Part 7

I'm sorry for the delay! But I've just been sidetracked with a lot of stuff.. Drama and all of that crap.. But I'm back!
Missed me?:(

Anyway.. Here we go..


"Mayseer kha6rik ila 6ayib 7abibiiii! Khalha 3alay!" said the voice on the other end of the phone

"Sma3nii 3adil f9aiiiil! Abii hal wa6ii ywakher 3an Sarah! Wentaw elwa7eedeen ilee tigdiroun 3alayh!" Faris told the voice on the other end, now we know as Fai9al, in a harsh tone.

"Ee yal 7abiiiiib! E7na en3arifla!" Fai9al comforted his friend

Faris couldn't handle Yousef, it's not that he was scared or any of those, but that he was too far.. So he called up his good buddies.. Do the job for him since he can't.. Yousef is in for a big one..

The men each waited outside the cafe that Yousef usually hung at after class with his friends, they've watched him long enough to know that the kid leaves at 8, and retires to his apartment watching TV or getting some school work done.

As he left, they followed him down a few blocks.. He noticed, so he just kept walking, until Fai9al nodded at the guys that were with him, and they jumped Yousef.

They held a knife to his throat and stomach, and a gun to his head..

"Yousef liflanii? E7na yayeen bes enwa9ilik Hal kalam.. Ba3id 3an Sarah liflanii. Hal mara, binkhaleek ib tahdeed.." he told him as he slowly cut a shallow cut on his abdomen straight through his shirt, "bs elmara elyaya, feeha dam. Wenta wild omik elwa7eed.. 7i6na 3ala balik zain.. E7na ma nel3ab.. E7na min rejal il af3al!" and with that said, they left him terrorized.

The wound wouldn't need stitches or anything, all it needed was some cleaning with an antiseptic, and a band-aid on top, good as new.

When Faris got news of how they did it.. It was time to celebrate..

He knew how he could do that.. Though it needs a decent amount of planning, a few phone calls and his plan would be set!

I know! It's not long! But it's all I could do right now! But I promise to make it up to you!
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I love you! So much! Thank you for being loyal readers! And for keeping me writing through it all!

- Q;*


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