Thursday, March 3, 2011

My Knight In Shinning Armor - Part 6.

"Noor??" Sarah asked shocked, "hallaaaaa! Shlounich?! Shnu hal 9dfa el7ilwaaaa?!" Noor said with a hint of hate in her voice.
Questions ran in Noor's head, why? How? When?
Why was she here with this guy and not Yousef?
How did she meet this guy?
When did she meet him?!

But she was just about to find out.

"Noor! Hatha wild 3amity Faris!" Sarah smiled as she introduced Faris to Noor.
"Hala, Ana Noor liflanii," she said shaking his hand
"welni3im" Faris said finally connecting the dots in his head as he looked at Sarah.
"Allah yin3am eb7alik!" Noor said coldly.

"Haaa! Shimsawya hnee?!" she turned to Sarah.
"wallah yaya ejaza!" Sarah lied
"Ee! Zain etsaween! Mita rada Amreeca inshallah?" she asked her, the girl was digging in.
"3ugb Chem youm inshallah!" she lied again.
Sarah hated this lying thing. She avoided lying.
"Inshallaaaaaah! Ha 3ayal! Lema tou9leen! Kalmeeniiii! Ni6la3 for dinner!" she winked
"7ather! Tamreen amir yal ghalya!" she kissed up to her.
"Yallah 3ayal, Ana asta2thin! Ghalya ikhtii tan6irnii!" she smiled
"Allah wiyach" Sarah and Faris said in unison.

Sarah turned to Faris,
"Ikhit Yousef?" Faris asked mad
Sarah lowered her head, "ee..." she trailed off.
"LA7GEEENICH LAY HNEE?!" he almost yelled
"Madrii Faris! Lat9arikh!" she screamed with tears running down her eyes
"Ana asif 7abeebtii.." he told her, pulling her close into his arms, he planted a kiss on the crown of her head, "mu qasdii asarikh 3alaich.." he said kissing her down her forehead, to her nose, then her lips, "Ana a7ibich, oo maby ay a7ed yakhthich minii." he explained to her.
"ma7ed ra7 yigdar yakhithnii minik.." she told him looking into his eyes..
With that look, he knew that what she was saying was true.. And as long as he lived, he would keep her safe, if it would cost his life, he would keep her safe.
He pulled her closer, lifting her head up and lowering his, he pushed his lips on hers, and their lips moved in sync with each others. He could taste the candy flavored lip gloss she applied over her lipstick, he could taste the flavor of the hot chocolate she just had that still lingered on her tongue.

But still..
There's something he has to do..


I know it's been long! I know it's not a long post! But I hope you like it! And I promise I'll try to post as soon as I can!
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Loads of love,
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  1. laish g9eeeeeeeer =( kamlee
    ana ef paris w aba a3eesh el jaw :P
    keep going

  2. when you said he kissed her, awwal shay he tasted her lips, then the hot chocolate she had i started wondering......
    when will he reach to tasting her ass?
    this story is sooooo tacky....just....just bangs head on wall TACKY!
    Btw this is two readers comment in one.

  3. Hi well I just read every single post and I'm speechless I can't put the feeling I have into words. It's jut too hard I live all the stories 59o9an this one can't wait for the next post la i6awleen w thank you

  4. ma3laich min hathee anonymous ur story la tacky wla shay ! its amazing cant wait for the next post!!!!!!!!!!