Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My Knight in Shinning Armor - Part 2.

"Hala bl ghalia! Saroun! Shlounich? How was the states?" He asked her as they left the airport
"Enta ilghali wallah!" she blew him a kiss, "bien bien bien, all good, wasn't bad" she told him as her heart thumped in her chest, he knew her too well, and so she was terrified he'd realize that it wasn't "all good"
"Akeed?" He asked her
She nodded and smiled

They got to his car, a black Porsche Cayenne Turbo. He popped the trunk open and he put her stuff in, she was leaning on the side of his car talking to him, asking him about the weather and how it all was.

"Done!" He said as he clapped his hands together
She giggled at his actions
He came up next to her, placed his hand on her hip and kissed her cheek
"Walaht 3alaich! I swear Paris is nothing without you! Yallah emshay, I'm sure you need some food" he told her and started towards the drivers seat
"You know me too well Farous!" She said and walked to the passengers side

He drove her down the Champs Elysees, around the Arc De Triomphe and down to Cafe Esplanade.

She looked at the skies, she looked at all the couples walking next to each other, holding hands, the man looking at the girl he had his arms around. He'd look at her then pull her close and kiss her passionately. He heart would jump in it's place.

"Saroun?" Faris asked her
"Hmmmm" She said and turned to look at him
"Sima3teenii?" He asked her
"Um, hehe la2" she blushed
"Agoul, etshouf the love birds!" He laughed
"Hehe, shut up!" She told him
"Ya bint el7alal! Ga3ed as2ilich, khaly oo khalty shlounhum?!" He said again
"B5air il7imdellah, they're good.. Babatii emkayif eni 6ala3t min Amreeka!" She laughed
"Ee zaaaain! Ma baghaytay!" He defended her father
"I know, it was about time" She said and put her hands on top of her head to form a halo

Faris is weld 3amat'ha. Which makes Sarah bent 5al Faris. He was 5 years her senior, but they were so close, they did everything together; and for so long, secretly in their family, everyone thought they loved each other, qi9at 7ub ya3ne;p

They had some food, then he drove her back home.
She carried a box into the apartment, while Faris dropped both bags inside, and went to get the second box.
"Waaaaaih! Entay shno?! Ma5ala9tay?!" He laughed at her as she slowly put the box on the ground
"Ya 7iluhaaaaa!" He told her and pinched her bottom lip
"Heeeeeeeeey!" She giggled
"We'll unpack bacher" he told her, "I'll give you some clothes of mine to wear so you can sleep in, embayin 7adich ta3bana" he kissed her forhead
"Okay, thanks baby" she said as she dove in for a hug
"Yallah ta3alay, CSI Miami is about to start" he said as he pulled her into the living room

He sat down wrapped his arm around her and pulled her close. She pulled her knees to her chest, and rested her head on his chest.
And for the first time, she heard something she never did with Faris..


Adrii, not long! But enjoy!




  1. Loved it a7es faris wayiiid a7san min yousef!! Inshalla they be together;p

  2. waaaait so shes dating faris now?:o ish9ar 3ala yousef?!:p WAIT SO SHE LIKES FARES NOW?:o.. ana 7abait fares akthar(a) bs its still kidna confusing:p

  3. awwwww! cuteee 3ad inshalah they become a couple!
    la2ana faris shaklaa a7san min yosif
    i feel like yosif is the bad boy and faris is the kind sweet one.;p
    possttt! soooon!