Saturday, August 21, 2010

My Knight in Shinning Armor. Introduction.

Hiiiii! I know! I've taken a while! and I'm sorry! I've just been going through a lot, and yeah, I needed some calm time... but after much anticipation - which again, I apologize for! - the new story is finally here! The introduction anyway! XD

But, a couple things first! 0:) I know, I know! Come on Q, get it over with already and let you go ahead with the new story! But I promise I won't take long! :*

First off, my friend, wait no, my SISTER is now in the blog-sphere! XD She's been here for a while, but she recently moved, I won't say who she is because there was a reason she moved in the first place! But that doesn't matter, what matters is I want you guys to check her out please! It's all from her heart! What she feels, she writes! I'm telling you because some of them have made me cry! Literally bawl! Trust me, it's so worth every second of your time! Check her out!
Second, remember my wordpress blog? Well, I'm going to use it! XD BUT! I'll be using it to post anything I FEEL! It wont have stories, it'll have FEELINGS, actual stuff I'm going through kind of feelings, if I'm in pain, you'll FEEL it, happy, you'll FEEL it, all that kind! So you guys can possibly check that out daily with possible posts! 0:) here it is;

PS: I've linked them;)

And now, without further ado!
The new story!
It's called "My Knight in Shinning Armor" kind of cliche I know, but I just want you all to check it out, if you don't like it, I'll kill it! I promise!
Here we go!


A man, George John Whyte-Melville actually, once said, “we always believe our first love is our last, and our last love our first.” So have you ever felt that? Have you ever fallen in love, and then get so heartbroken that you say, “That’s it! This is the last time I ever fall in love!” ? And then, you fall in love again, but not because you wanted to, it just happened! And then you tell yourself, the first one never was love.. it was just.. Lust? Or hope? Or you THINK it’s love? You don’t have the words to describe what the first one is because you never actually know what it was! But then, the last it’s all the feelings you’ve read about, seen movies on, you’re actually feeling it! You’re living it! The butterflies, the sleepless nights, the planning of the future, the heart fluttering at the sound of their name, the times where you hear their voice at random times when they’re not even there! Just because you love them so much it’s like their heart and soul is TIED to yours.

That was how it was with Sarah.. Or how she thought it was anyway.. Sarah was in university, majoring in Business. You know when fate just pushes you to something? Well that was how it was. She was studying in the states, where she could’ve studied here, but fate sent her there..

In the midst of all the running around, and being there alone, and trying to get her studies done, she met Yousef. She kept her heart locked up so damn well. She was old fashioned in the way that she’ll keep herself until the day someone knocks on her door and asks for her hand and heart from her father. Jidam 3youn kil elnas.

When she’d walk in public, she’d keep her eyes fixed on the ground, there was no reason to stare at every being god has created. If she was somewhere new, she’d look around, to make sure she knows her surroundings well just in case something happened. She was that kind of girl.

But somehow, she didn’t know what, or why, but SOMEHOW he was able to unlock that heart. The heart that was bolted shut, the heart that was locked with chains that could hold a large wrecking ball, the heart that could make people fall in love with it, but it doesn’t fall in love. How did he do it?

He was like the perfect Kuwaiti male specimen. Looks and all. He had the strong jaw, the dark, piercing eyes, with heavy dark lashes that enhanced that mysterious look every girl craves in a man, his nose wasn’t perfect, but it was perfect on his oval shaped face, he had thick eyebrows, he was tall, not extremely tall, but just right, and skinny, the fit kind of skinny.

She just didn’t know how he could do what no one could.. After thinking and thinking, and fighting with her heart, and all her feelings.. She decided on doing something that she never thought she would do..

She packed up…

and left…


Well, there you go.. The introduction! XD

Tell me what you think, and if I get 10 comments, from DIFFERENT people, I'll post the first part!

So enjoy, and I can't wait to see what you guys have to say about the new story!

I love you all!!!!!! :**



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