Friday, August 27, 2010

My Knight in Shinning Armor - Part 3.

Part 3! I hope you enjoy it!:*


It was like a herd of wild horses, running so hard, free, their beautiful manes moved around by the wind.
That was the sound she heard.
It was his heart. Beating, thumping, jumping. Noises she's never heard before. The closer she pushed herself to him, the tighter she let him hug her, the louder the sounds got. The faster those horses ran.

Half way through the show, she fell asleep in his arms. Faris slowly picked her up in his arms, and took her to her room.
He tucked her into bed and kissed her forehead, and as he left, he stood by her door and whispered to her,
"Wallah ana ma adry shnu mza3lech bs etha 3araft and there is something I can do, I'll do it. Even if it takes my life."

She slept so peacefully, she was like an exhausted baby that couldn't wait to go to bed, and when she slept, you couldn't help but ask, how could someone who looked so angelic, be able to hold that much pain inside her?

About half way exceeding her sleep, something happened.
She woke up, screaming, gasping for air, clutching the left side of her chest, her heart.
He's back.
He came back.
She dreamt of him, no, no, not a dream, a NIGHTMARE.
She slowly replayed the scenes of the nightmare she just envisioned, it was like one of those horror movies.
She walked into her apartment back in NYC, dark, only the lights from the outside of her window shone through, and closed the door behind her, the minute the door made a click sound indicating it was closed, someone pushed her back, and pinned her back to the door.
"You're not leaving again. 5laitich trou7een theek elmara, bs hal mara, mako." he hissed into her ear
"Intay, 7agi. MALTI. Tifhimeen shno ya3nii intay malti?! MINE! AND ONLY MINE!" he suddenly yelled
She started to gasp for air as tears streamed down her cheeks.
He slowly moved his mouth from her ears to her lips, and forced himself on her, she pushed him away, but he was too strong for her, he forced himself even harder now. She turned her face, not wanting his lips to lock with hers. She didn't want to taste him. He bit her cheek, and said,
"I told you, you - are - mine." she knew he was smiling while he said that. She felt his hand on the outside of her thighs, he slowly moved upwards, pulling her dress upwards with his hands, his nails jabbed into her thighs, and she felt a shock of pain,
"AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!! Yousef!!!!! Let me goo!!!" She sobbed, "MABEEEEEK!!!! MABEEEEK!!! I HATE YOUUU!! LET ME GOO!!" She screamed in between sobs
"MAKO!" he yelled back at her. He bit her neck, her jawline, he wasn't going to let her go, not this time. This time, he's going to make her his property, forever, and the only way he can, is this way.
Before he could go any further, she woke up screaming.
She sat up in her bed, pulled her knees close and started crying, but the way Faris busted into her room scared her and made her jump up screaming.
"Shfeeech?! Baby! What's wrong?!" He asked her, pulling her close
"Faris, please, please, don't let him touch me!" She cried as she held on to his shirt, and pulled it, the way a child does when they don't want to be taken away
"Baby, I promise, a7liflich, musta7eel insan ymid eida 3alaich damii ashim il hawa!" He kissed her head
She cried, more and more, into his chest
"I hate him, wallah I hate him!" She told Faris
"Sarah, 7abeebty, stop crying, I told you, no one is going to lay a finger on you as long as I'm living and breathing! Tikfain, latabcheeeeeen! Wallah ena sra5ich yga6i3 elgalb!" He told her
"I'm sorry, wallah I'm sorrryyyy!" She gasped
"Gomay, come on baby, I'll make us some hot chocolate, and we'll sit outside on the balcony, and you can talk to me, come on" he kissed her head
"Okay" she said in between sniffles

Faris got up on his feet, then helped her up. Sarah put all her weight on Faris, she couldn't handle being on her own two feet.

"Come on, al7en nig3ed bara o ta5theenlich nifas, et'haddeen min nafsech, witgouleenlii what's wrong.. okay?" he pulled her close
"Okay.." she whispered

Faris slid open the sliding glass windows leading out to their balcony and pulled the chairs next to each other.
"Ge3day 7abeebty" he told Sarah as he slowly let her down onto the chair, "digeega warid, basawy the hot chocolate wayeeblich a blanket" he continued
as he turned to walk back into the apartment, Sarah grasped his hands,
"Please, don't leave me" she told him
He got down to her level and said,
"Did I ever leave you? No. Never have, and never will. Ana magdar a3eesh bidounich Sarah. 3umri mara7 a5aleech." then he got up and went back inside

Sarah sat there, staring at the dark skies of Paris, watching as clouds passed by, listening to the rustling leaves of the tall standing trees as little brown colored squirrels ran, and jumped from tree to tree, she inhaled the freshest of oxygen she could ever remember inhaling. She just, took it all in..

She jumped when she felt someone put something on her shoulders. She turned around and saw Faris, smiling down at her as he wrapped a blanket around her, then handed her a big mug of steaming hot chocolate.
She pulled the mug to her lips, and she inhaled the scent of hot cocoa, whipped cream, and a few fluffy marshmallows, then pulled it away and lowered it as she wrapped her hands around the mug.
Faris couldn't help but smile.... He loved when she did that... It was like she was taken to another planet, just by inhaling a scent.
And it was these little things she did that really intrigued him.. He has never met a girl that ever did these kind of things..
It's the little things she did that really made him insane! If he accidently kicked his foot into something hard, she'd giggle then ask him if he was okay; if he KNEW something was hot, but out of stupidity just put his finger on it, she'd giggle, then kiss it and ask him if it was all better now. She'd pick up his laundry with hers even if he DIDNT ask her to do so. She'd make him his favorite sandwich just because she felt like doing it, and he's savor it, and bask in the different flavors that tantalized the taste buds on his tongue.
Things someone wouldn't think of doing.
Because isn't it always, that the little things are the things that matter the most?

He stopped his train of thoughts,
"Come on now, talk to me.." he told her, his blood was boiling, he wanted to know who did all this to her.
Sarah started from day one, she told him everything, she even told him her dream, and how she couldn't understand it because they NEVER did anything! She never kissed him, she never held his hand, they never did anything like that. It was just verbal, in words like, I love you, I miss you, honey, 7abeeby, those kind of things, never was it physical.
A few times, a tear or two dropped down her cheek, but he'd wipe it off with his finger before it even got the chance to touch the ground, because he wouldn't allow her to cry over someone like him, ESPECIALLY him.
That's when he decided no more fighting what he's been fighting for years, it's about time he did what he always wanted to do.


I'm sorry guys! I know! I've taken a while, but I got sidetracked:$ I hope you like the post!
I promise I'll post something soon! I'll start writing ASAP as a matter of fact!(A)

I love you all!
Taqabbal'Allah 6a3atkum, w3alaikum b2alf 3afya!:*

I love you all!


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