Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Stupid In Love. Part 13.

Okay okay! I can’t stay away for too long!;p So here’s part 13, I’ll try to make it longer.. but no guarantees.. :(

So here we go!:)


Like I said, when I gave up and started to watch my movie, my phone vibrated.. It was Na9er *melts*

“;**” said the message

“Hehe hii;*” I replied

“You looked nice;*” He told me

I started feeling all tingly, and giggly when I read that,

“Hehe 3ashanik;)” I told him

“;*******” I got back from him

As we kept watching the movie, it started getting very sad, and all three of us started crying, looking at each other, laughing at how we all looked, and cry again

“Thank God I saw you gabil this part” I sent him

“Haha leish?:p” He sent me

“We’re crying so much min the movie:$” I replied

“hahaha girls:p” He replied

As the movie came to an end, I paid attention to the movie other than my phone, and when we got out, I replied to him, saying that sure, we might be girls and we cry, but we have feeling o ina nir7am o en7is, unlike guys, and he laughed it off. He didn’t take it as an insult. That’s how it was with me and Na9er, cool, sweet, and everything I ever wanted…

We left the movie theater, and he called me

“7ubiiii!” He yelled

“Hehe hela” I replied giggling

“Wainich?” he asked me

“Tawna 6al3een min the movie theater.. Inta wainik?” I asked him

“Starbucks” he said

“Ohhh ma6ala3taw?” I asked him

“La2, ga3deen, ta3alay?” He told me

“We were heading that way anyway, hehe, I’ll see you in a bit” I told him

“5ala9 okay, can’t wait honey” he told me

Oh my Lord. Remembering him saying those words to me makes every strand of hair on my body stand, and every nerve in my body tingle.

We got to Starbucks and I saw him sitting in the middle of the café with 5alid. The way he smiled when he saw me, the way he looked around to see if some dude was following me, he really cared for me.. He really wanted me to be his.. He just never took the risk.. Not yet anyway..

We stood in line, when he saw we were safe, no guys behind us, and we were okay, he left. He sent me a message saying he left in case someone saw us upstairs he doesn’t want to give them the benefit of the doubt that we were meeting up, and he’d call me as soon as he gets in the car.

2 minutes later, he calls. I picked up.

We talked, and talked.. Laughed, and laughed..

“Jawa 3indich?” He asked

Remembering it makes my blood boil.

“Jawa, Na9er yabii ekalmich” I handed her the phone.

She pushed it back to me, and shook her head.

“Mabii!” she mouthed

Na9er insisted, so I told her to talk to him and get it over with.

They talked, ihya kalimta ib nafsiya.. When I got my phone back, he said he’ll text me, but we’ll talk later on the phone. We hung up.

“Shgal?” I asked Jawa

“He said that today was our one year anniversary of knowing each other..” She told me

I wanted to claw her face, my best friend or not, when I fall in love, I love, and I love hard.

We kept sending messages back and forth to each other – me and Na9er that is.

When I got home, he sent me a message saying that I had a “nice butt”. And I replied with “I know;) I’ve been told, you ain’t the first;)”. Then.. The next message I got had me jumping up and down.

“Hehe, I wanted to kiss you..”

“Why didn’t you kiss me 3ayal?!” I asked him

“Looool! There were people!:p”

“I don’t care! Next time you kiss me!(a)” I said

“Looool! Oki;p” He told me


“I couldn’t look in your eyes..” was next…

“Hahaha!:p Laish ya3nii? Es7irouk?:p” I was making fun of him! I wasn’t being serious!

“Eeh, kind of..” he replied

“Ehehe;)” I answered


After that, I left my phone inside my room, while me Jawa and 3anoud went outside and giggled like maniacs on my balcony.

Meeting numero tres is yet to come.. That one, I remember the freaking date of it, and every single detail of it. Let’s see what shall be your reaction once it comes around the corner;)


Part 13! :) Tell me what you think my loves xx

Goodnight xx



  1. BASS?!
    ARE YOU FRICKING KIDDING ME? You feel like writing o you feel like writing, o taktbeenla 2 lines madree 3, SHO HAYDA?!:(
    I do not consider myself a phsycic, bs I can see a vision of a new post on Friday.. ;)
    &I loved every single word in this post:*

    No need to tell you who I am.. 'Cause I bet that you knew who I am from my typing..:p

  2. leeish short post =( nbaa a6waaal bss i loved it w i want 2 knw wuts gna happen

  3. "Anonymous": Yes I know who you are;p I'll try getting a post done by Friday, but I'm swamped for the week unfortunately:(
    SuziQ_: I'm sorry love! It was kind of a boredom thing;p I'll write something soon x and you'll know soon enough love xx ;)


  4. Amazing post! I know how you felt :)! and lemme tell you .. It feels disgusting and annoying!!! uuugggghhhh:@!! I hate hal feeeliinngggg!!

    Hehe(A)! 6ala3t 7ariity(A) Sorryyy(A) .. Lol! Amazing, keep going;*

  5. Love it!! Amazing post! Keep it up!!


  6. The Truth: 7ayatii, 6al3ay 7aritich! This is for you to express your feelings! x
    -pp;* : Thank you! It loves you back! x I'll check it out;)

    PS: Post 14 will be up soon;)
    Enjooooy! x