Thursday, April 8, 2010

Stupid In Love. Part 12.

Stupid In Love part 12 :)

This is dedicated to the one person that has been with me through hell. Sometimes I wonder where I would be without her standing by my side through the hectic times of my life. And in this point of my life, she’s the only one I can trust with everything in me. Thank you baby girl:*

Here goes;)


So, now you all know the first time I saw him. It was a couple days before that, or a week before that first meeting, that I slowly started getting feelings for Na9er.

I wasn’t allowed to fall for him. Okay, saying I wasn’t allowed is kind of harsh. I didn’t want to, well because he was my best friends’ ex. It’s not in the right place to do that. Put yourself in my place, or in her place for that matter. He was her boyfriend, she tells you some stuff he used to tell her or do to her, you start to either hate him, or like him. When he’s your man, and then he becomes someone else’s, you’ll start getting jealous about it all, he used to say something to you, now he says it someone else, he used to hold you and kiss you, now he does it to someone else. If he was yours, how would it feel? I know I would go crazy! I know that for a fact!

Also this was all planned out, it wasn’t meant for me to fall for him. I’ll probably be describing myself as a “call girl” in this next paragraph. Has anyone of you watched the series “The Secret Diary of a Call Girl”? Well she’s a call girl who’s writing a book about her life, and she has to go about her normal life doing what she does best and write it in a book, but when her editor tells her there should be another book, she has to start experimenting more. She’s not meant to fall for any of her clients. Her best friend fell for a client and is going to marry him, she was against it at first, but I guess it’s always the same, as long as she’s happy, you’ll be happy, right? Lets just say, Na9er was kind of a project of mine. Not a client. Like an experiment, I wanted to decode his thought and stuff, I ended up being like her best friend, falling for her client, but I fell for my experiment. Yes, I just described myself as a call girl. Way to go Q! :p

Okay, back to the second time I saw him, Jawa, 3anoud, and Me we’re going to  “My Sister’s Keeper”, and he asked if he could see me.. I looked at them and told them what he said, Jawa’s reaction was the complete opposite of what I thought she’d say:/

“EEH EEH!! LET HIM COME!!!!!!” She yelled

“Um, okay.” I said and looked at 3anoud

“I don’t know. It’s up to the both of you” 3anoud said

“5ALEEH IYEE! GOLEELAH EEH!” Jawa said again

“Zain zain!” I told her

I texted Na9er and told him we’re on.  I guess he was excited, because his texts then consisted of kisses o kalam 7ilu;p

In the car, Jawa pulled out her red lipstick and started applying it. Then, I didn’t know what it all meant, why she’s doing that, but I guess now, I know very well, and I should’ve known better then.. I asked her for her red lipstick and applied it too, I already had some thin eyeliner on, and the red lipstick went well with the contrast of my clothes.

I was wearing straight leg jeans, a blue polo shirt, and silver flats. I had my hair down and parted to the side.

Na9er wanted me to get him and 5alid two tickets so he could sit next to me in the movie, but Jawa told me not to since madrii shno 9ar wiyaha o some other dude.. Any way, I told him we were running late and couldn’t get him tickets. It wasn’t a lie! It was the honest truth! He told me that it was okay, and when he’d get there I can meet him outside the movie theater. I was okay with that, its Sharg, ya3nii who’s going to be there? Emna8ibat and hailag? I didn’t give a rats ass.

He sent me a text message telling me he’s outside, I informed Jawa and 3anoud, and I asked them if they wanted to come along with me, but they were so into the movie, they didn’t want to move.. I picked up my purplish blue Juicy jacket, took Jawa’s red lipstick, and headed to the bathroom. I admired myself in the mirror, thinking that I looked acceptable, something someone would want to stop and look at. I don’t mean that as being self centered, but as like maybe a boost of confidence before I head off. See I’m not really flattered with my body, my face, yes okay, my hair, absolutely, some of my features yes; but my body, no.. Like I described to you earlier how my body was, well yeah, I guess you understand.. Look, I have what I have been told “an amazing ass”, sure, sometimes it’s a compliment and a gift, but at other times it’s a curse! Remember this part, I’ll come back to it soon. Okay, I just went off track. So back to what I was doing; I gave myself one final look, swiped my index finger on my lips and headed to the door.

“Hii, I’m just going here for a second” I told the Indian clerk

“Okay” he said and handed me a pass

I saw him.. there he was.. poised, sitting on the railing, talking to someone on his right..  He was wearing a navy blue shirt with white shorts; 5alid was wearing a white shirt, with a  white zipped up jacket, and a pair of dark washed jeans. I walked towards him and everything around me was quiet in my head all I could think was be nice, be charming, be good, 5alid is his hommie, so we have to impress him, you know what I mean? Like girls, you’d let your man meet your best friend, then you two would talk at what she thinks about him, is he lying or not, all those stuff; maybe guys do the same thing? I don’t know.. but if I have any male readers, please shed some light on us about that part!:)

“Hii” I said with a smile on my face

“Halaw” Na9er replied

“Hiiiiii!” 5alid said

“Hahah, hii there” I replied giggling

“Maisa, 5alid, 5alid, Maisa” Na9er said

“So akheeran I meet you?” I laugh

“Akheeran!” 5alid said and Na9er laughed

My God. That laugh.. You know when you have this vague memory of something and it rings in your head, but you just can’t out your finger on it, it’s fading away, you want it to stay, but you just can’t stop it? In my head right now, that’s how it is with his laugh.. I can hear it ringing in my head, yet I can’t put my finger on it to describe it to you.. All I can remember is that it used to be sooooo bubbly, and genuine! He wouldn’t laugh 3ala shay sakheef, but 3ala shay that was really funny, something worth laughing at..

“Ha Na9er, happy? 5alid is finally here! Maku missing him anymore haaa!?” I teased Na9er

“Hahaha! Shoufay shoufay! 9ar tan!” Na9er said and lifted 5alids’ sleeve to show me, “warha 5aloud” he told 5alid

“Akeed ba9eer tan, min 6 il 9ub7, lain 2 il thuher bil shams, ya3nii shbi9eer feeni?!” 5alid teased

We laughed for a bit, when all went quiet, I looked at Na9er, looked him straight in the eye.. He looked at me, then turned his face. When he turned it back at me again, he looked at me, smiled; he smiled his perfect pearly white smile, and winked. Akh that wink, those eyes, big almond shaped brown eyes rimmed with heavy dark lashes. I smiled, and wrestled my thoughts about whether I should or should not wink back at him, and in the end, winking won. To this day, I think I messed up the wink:p and when I remember that part, I tend to cover my face with my hands and laugh in hysteria at how stupid I might’ve looked.

“Okay.. So I guess I better go, ba3dain they start looking for me oo esawounlii mana7a inee ta2a5art” I rolled my eyes

“Hahaha, okay” Na9er told me

“Bye you two” I smiled

“Byyyyyyyeeee!” 5alid said

“Bye, deeray balich” Na9er told me

I turned around and walked away, a smile so big on my face, someone would know from a mile away Cupid was hanging around and struck me with his biggest love arrow, and now, I was love struck.

I returned the pass to the Indian clerk and walked in, I didn’t bother looking around, I walked in and out without as much as a single glance to who’s around. I strutted to my seat, and sat down, a smile so big the moon couldn’t shine brighter than my smile.

I looked ahead, and watched my movie, every few seconds looking down at my lap wondering if I got any text messages from him, something that would make this smile even bigger. When I gave up, and watched my movie, my phone vibrated..


I hope you liked it! :) I know it’s been a while, and I’m sorry for that, but inshallah I’ll post more and faster than this time:)

Comment! Feedback is much appreciated!:)

Good morning Kuwait:) and I hope you have splendid Thursday! Enjoy your weekend, and love like there’s no tomorrow.

Love always;



  1. Guys Do the same thing :) and yes I am a male reader.. Cant wait till ur next part !! :D!

  2. LOVED IT! na9eer:*
    7araam maisa shes inlove bas doesnt want to hurt her best friend;(
    next poostt pleasee:*

  3. Yes I have seen daires of a call girl
    Its a great post..You have been missed:*
    Post soon please dont leave us hanging

  4. akh yumaaa galbyyyy :p! AMAZIINNGG!! please make your posts longer I can't get enough O.o!

    I hope everything goes well with the problems that yuo are facing, look I have no idea what's going on, But I just got rid of a problem myself, so here's a little advise, whatever or whoever that's bothering you, don't do the same! ,, It'll just make the problem bigger! haha I might say this o the thing that you're facing killiiiish ma lah 3ilaQa :p bs madryy I thought it's something worth mentioning :p


  5. Skeble: It's nice to know a guy reads my blog!:)
    Bluelilies: I'm glad you did:* Na9er.. Yes.. Ahh.. I'll post soon inshallah:*
    Secerts: I've missed you all so much more!:* I'll post soon inshallah, I can't stay away for long!;p
    The Truth: I will try to do that inshallah!:* and everything right now el7imdellah, is going okay I guess;p and yes, that's true.. Just walk away, we're so much older and much more wiser than all this.. :)

    Enjoy my loves!:*


  6. I love it! Keep posting girl!