Friday, March 5, 2010

Stupid In Love. Part 11.

Okay my loves;* This is part 11.. Wow, ma3qula we got to Part 11 in this short period of time?! El7imdella 3ala kil 7al o0 inshallah rabii ezeeyd wibarik:)

I first want to thank you all for the on going support, and standing by me when I need it most, words can’t explain how much I love you all:**



Like I last said, Na9er finally called me.. After the long week of crying, he called me.

I sprang to my feet and went the corner in my room when I usually sit in when I want to have my private space.

“Aloo?” I asked

“Aloo. Maisa shlounich?” He asked

“I’m okay I guess..” I told him, “and you?” I asked him

“I’m good.” He said

I mm’ed to his reply, and waited for him to say something.

“So, is there anything you want to say?” he asked

 This boy knows how to get the cat outta the bag:)

“Yes” I said

“Okay, what..” He said, and it didn’t even sound like a question! :/

“Na9er, I’m sorry I told you that, I thought you meant as in by phone bes! Ana shidareenii?!” I told him, “MSN and Facebook you know AKEED I’m going to have guys!” I said

“Why didn’t you tell me 3ayal?! I was honest with you and told you I talk to girls!” But he didn’t.. Because I didn’t ask him.. Coming for the fact that Na9er is sort of known for his never ending list of girls, I didn’t think I had to ask.. I knew the answer in the back of my mind I guess.

I guess half way through that, I started crying.. He could hear my breathing getting heavier, I was sniffling, I was wiping my tears as they ran down my cheek and my tongue occasionally snuck away and licked my tears.. I felt the salty tears come down, and I wiped them away. I didn’t want him to listen to me crying..

“Are you crying?” he asked me. I guess he was in shock?

“Yeah, what do you expect?” I told him

“Madrii” he said, “5ala9, haday.. Calm down and call me or text me” he told me

“Okay” I said in between sniffles.

I hung up, and went about doing what I had to get done. I calmed down and finished whatever I had to finish and I sent him a text message.

I don’t remember what I said at this very moment, but one thing led to another, and then another fight occured over the very same reason.

Il walad mayit 5ouf ina I’m going to hurt him in some freaky way! And he’s the one that’s known for being a complete jerk and an ass! Sorry for the language, but it’s just to show how bad he was.

See, I believe that people can change, Jawa on the other hand, doesn’t. She doesn’t believe that someone that was such an asshole can turn into someone different after being hurt the same way he hurt people. Na9er did. Everything she told me about him, as how much of a jerk he was, he wasn’t. 7a6nii bi3youna, he made me feel like I don’t need any one else in the whole wide world, I kept telling her that, she would say it’s all a fucked up act.

We’re all scared of getting hurt, who isn’t?! I guess after how badly he got hurt, he slowly changed.. I won’t say how he got hurt, well because if he suddenly reads what I’m telling you all, I don’t know what’ll happen.. So let’s just keep it like this:)

Any way. I told him I wanted to see him. I saw him twice before this time.

The first time:

I was supposed to see him with friends, I’d tell my mom bni6la3, and then when we do, nin7ash to somewhere where I can be alone with him.

Guess what. My so called “friends” ditched me. I had to go and make some lame excuse to my – lets just say chaperone:) – and it was all set. I’m seeing Na9er! :D

“Maisa, when you know if you’re going for sure, call me, ga3deenii, ana banam..” he told me

“okay, bes tig3ad!” I told him

“I will, if I don’t, keep calling” he ordered me

“Inshallah, night” I told him

“Night” he said and he went off to La La land..

Il walad ma ga3ed. I kept calling my whole ride to the movie theater. Texting him, calling, calling, calling. I finally gave up. There’s no point itha madrii how many times I called o ma ga3ad:/

I got my tickets, and popcorn and was on my way in when he called me.

“I’m sorrrrrry!!” he said

“La 3adii” I told him

“Wallah asif 7abeebtii! Wallah wallah!” He told me

La7tha la7tha. Min mita gam esameenii 7abeebta? I was in utter shock. You know when you like someone, and he calls you something affectionate, you get butterflies, and your in a daze of flying sparks. That happened. And I had the goofiest smile on my face.

“Na9er, wallah it’s okay..” I said again, “Are you coming?” I asked him

“Whens the movie?” he asked

“Umm, in like, uh, it started” I giggled

“Walain. Yallah ana yayich! I’ll be there in 15 minutes 7ubii” he said

“Mu lazim if you can’t..” I told him

“La, I can. I want.” He told me


“Are you alone?” He asked me

“Thaba6t nafsii, don’t worry, just come if you wanna come. Bes none of the girls ma3ay..” I told him

“Okay, ayeech brou7ii 3ayal” he said

“Okay, kaifik..” I told him

“Bes ou9al, adizlich message, okay?” he said

“Okay, bes a5af maku service..” I said

He asked where I was sitting and I told him.


I texted him to inform him there was service, he told me he was on his way..

I remember how I saw him come up the stairs and sit next to me and say the first hello I heard in person. My heard pounded. It went a million beats per second. I smelled him for the first time. I wish I knew what his perfume was, but to this day, I don’t.. I loved how he smelled. The smell of smoke and perfume combined..

Even though Na9er was only 16, he was a heavy smoker. Smoking made his tough days better, wila chan he would go crazy.. I never tried to stop him la2na itha he got cranky o mada5en, ana akilha..

That was the first time I saw him.. And it’s still more vivid than the second time..


Part 11:)

I hope you liked it, I’ll tell you about the second time I saw him in the next post:)

Inshallah I’ll try to make it more vivid, but as I’ve been writing at night, they’re bad posts;p I’m sorry(a)

I love you all! :*


Yours truly,



  1. Awh:*
    Next please asap...

  2. hey, don't stop posting!! Please continue! Your blog is amazing!

  3. Suzi: Yup yup:)
    N: I'll post as soon as possible:*
    Anonymous: Thank you so much for your kind words! I'll be posting soon inshallah:)

    I'm sorry for the delay, but I had some kind of writer block - not as in I can't write, but as in I had no words to use, to describe, instead of making it dull with normal words, I wanted to give you fresher words that would show you what I was seeing at that time - but I'm back now:)

  4. Im so happy your back babe:** I hope you continue writing and never ever ever become blocked lana seriously I love the way you write and the pain and happiness are so genuine are real.. I wish you the best