Monday, November 29, 2010


I never thought I'd say this.. But I'm actually thinking of closing my blog..
I don't get any feedback from any of you. My last post had 4 comments, and I've got a little over 50 followers.
I love you all, but I can't write if I don't know how you're feeling about my stories! What is the point of writing when you're not reading?
If I know you're still reading, I'll keep writing and you'll get a post pretty soon...

Please, leave your thoughts on here, and I'll be able to reply soon enough hopefully!

I love you! x

- Q;*


  1. nooo! plz post soon. its cuz u didnt post a long time that some people maybe no longer check the blog. i think u should continue cuz u r a talented writer and trust me the comments will come ;******

  2. I love ur stories and i cant wait until the next time you post.. Im a silent reader and now i feel guilty about not commenting.. Please dont stop!! :(

    -Anonymous 7

  3. no please post...i always check if u've posted or not, i thnk not many people are not commenting is cause we've been hectic with tests, quizzes, projects so i guess some people don't have time...