Friday, September 3, 2010

My Knight In Shinning Armor - Part 4.

Get ready.


"Sarah," Faris said, "garbay"
"Hala?" She told him
"Come closer! I want to tell you something" he said in a voice that couldn't help but get her curious
"Shino?" she asked her mouth gaping
He leaned in and pushed his lips on hers
Sarah instantly closed her eyes.
She felt his lips move perfectly in sync with hers, she didn't fight back, it was like she was waiting for this too, and secretly she was...
All her life.....

she let her emotions take over her.. Everything she thought she wouldn't feel she felt.. And she loved it..

Weeks passed by.. It was just of her and Faris, walking around the cold, damp streets and alleys of Paris, hand in hand, fingers intertwined.
He was everything she wanted and more...
If they stood at a cross light, and she just slightly shivered, he'd pull her in into his arms, squeeze her tight and kiss her head. He made her feel like she was the queen of his world. That her every wish was a command.
They would cook together, he'd surprise her, she'd surprise him, all the cute, sweet, cliche stuff that people who are so madly, stupidly, head over heels in love do.

But as always..
All good things must come to an end..


Not a long post, I know! I'm sorry for that, but I'll keep posting, maybe not long, maybe long, I don't know, all I know is I must keep writing, for my precious readers:*

I love you, and enjoy!:*


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  1. Finally! I love it but not so much because it's short.. please continue! ;*

  2. Hii... Eb9ara7a I read about all the posts u posted and they were amazing!! ;D
    so plz continue writing and we'll continue reading!!
    Oo tc ;D

  3. This is the first comment i write :D
    I really love ur stories i read them all w 9j 3ajeebeen (Y)
    Please continue ;*

  4. looong tiime noo posst!!;o

    amazing as always!<3

    but plz we dont want good things coming to an end ;(

    cant wait ;D