Sunday, July 25, 2010

The big 5-0!

Oh. My. GOD!
The big FIVE-OH!:o

I am in so much shock and joy in the same time!
Thank you for each and every one of you, because without any of you this blog wouldn't be here today..
Thank you for listening to the words of my heart.

I love you unconditionally. Each and every one of you!:********



  1. Yaaaaaay !!!! That's great inshallah ezedoon oo e9eroon 10000000000000000000 ( 3ad entay lat3edeen el zeroZ ;p )
    Hun keeep the good work and u'll see the amazing followerZ!!

  2. hii... i really dont know what to say bas ur story 9ij athart fenyy! its true love does hurt.. o i really wish u find the one wenaseech all ur pain.. ive been a silent reader.. bas 7asait ena i have to comment ;$


  3. Girl with the petite appetite: LOOOOL!;p mar7 a3id bs 3ashan gilteely;p and 7abeebty for all of you, I'll keep up the work even if I have to stay up all night!:*

    Shahad: Thank you for the kind words, and thank you for commenting ba3ad!:* Means a lot to me that you took the time to do that:* I wish that EVERY girl that has ever had her heart broken telga elyy binaseeha all her pain.... Again, thank you:*